Saturday, 17 February 2007

free and essential mac os x software

A list of the freely downloadable Mac software that I use on a daily basis.

web: Camino is Firefox but nicer looking and faster.
However, I also use Firefox because of it's many useful add-ons.
check out: adblock, greasemonkey, and nukeAnything
office: NeoOffice is OpenOffice but nicer looking.
video: play most video formats with VLC, mplayer,
or if need be use RealPlayer or Windows Media Player
p2p: standard bittorrent client or feature-rich azureus BT client
aMule for Donkey2k network and
Poisoned for old school Gnutella G1, G2, and limewire networks
chat: multi-protocol chat client adium
voip: skype defacto internet voice app
mp3: iEatBrainz will automagically fix bad or unlabeled id3 tags.
games: macMame download some ROMs for some old school fun
remote: CotVNC great VNC client
Vine Server a VNC server to remotely control your mac
utility: MissingMediaTools is great for burning CD/DVDs when the builtin apps dont work
HandBrake to convert DVDs
unix: 1000s of unix apps, all very easily installable with fink.
viewer: Chmox will open MS .chm help files
volunteer: use your mac to help find medical cures by running Folding at Home
to make it run automatically go to:
system prefs > Accounts > login items > and add.

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